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In January 1987, Adeline Wilford was murdered in her Talbot County, Maryland, home when she interrupted a burglary in progress. Police believed that the killer or killers had entered the house through a laundry room window—they found palm prints on the window and the washing machine right inside the window, as well as pieces of shrubbery that appeared to be like the ones under the window in places where the perpetrators had been.
Between 1987 and 2000, police developed more than two dozen suspects. The palm prints being their best lead, the police performed 72 manual comparisons of the palm prints to potential suspects over 13 years.
In January 2000, a witness who was on the lookout for the $25,000 reward money said that David Faulkner, Jonathan Smith, and Ray Andrews had committed the crime. Although the palm prints did not belong to any of them, that witness and the coerced confessions …


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