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  • Clarence Shipley

    “I stayed positive, kept working, surrounded myself with positive people who were behind bars with me. And I just kept believing.”

  • Troy Burner

    “The system has had him longer than I have.” -Janice Burner, testifying at her son’s parole hearing

Today, October 2, is Wrongful Conviction Day. Over 2,400 people have been exonerated in the United States since 1989, but we know the problem of wrongful convictions is much bigger. It’s a human system and with millions of people incarcerated around the world, the volume is simply too high to ensure accuracy. 
So what can we do to right these wrongs? There are many human factors that contribute to wrongful convictions, whether it’s the way our minds store memories or the biases we all hold. Educate yourself by checking out this video series on the impact of human factors in criminal investigations, and then sign the pledge to encourage stakeholders from all corners of the criminal justice community to do the same. 
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