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  • Lamar Johnson

    “I want to thank God, my mom, and the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project.” —Lamar Johnson, upon being released after 13 years in prison.

  • Keith Harward

    “Best part is being out with my family. Worst part is some of my families are not here.” —Keith Harward, on being free

We know that innocent people plead guilty to crimes they did not commit. Nationally, 10 percent of those whose innocence was proven by DNA testing pled guilty; in Maryland, 40 percent of those who were cleared based on DNA evidence pled guilty.
Over the past three years, this fact hasn’t kept the Maryland courts from finding that those who pled guilty – but had new evidence proving their innocence – couldn’t challenge their convictions in court and should simply remain in prison.
Senate Bill 423 would change that. The bill, which is currently making its way through the Maryland Legislature, would give innocent MAIP clients who pled guilty the ability to secure their freedom.
Full text of the bill can be seen here.
Progress of the bill can be tracked here.

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