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  • Jerome Johnson

    “I always had faith.” —Jerome Johnson, upon being released after 30 years in prison.

  • Lamar Johnson

    “I want to thank God, my mom, and the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project.” —Lamar Johnson, upon being released after 13 years in prison.

In 2002, Anthony Faltz was the backseat passenger in a vehicle that hit another car, killing the two occupants. Anthony was not the driver, and at least five police officers on the scene confirmed that another man – not Anthony – exited the car from the driver’s seat. Nonetheless, poorly analyzed DNA evidence by the Government led Anthony to be charged as the driver. Anthony’s trial attorney spoke to no witnesses, subpoenaed no documents, and consulted no experts, relying simply on the Government’s representations that this was an unwinnable case. He told Anthony to plead guilty, incorrectly telling him that he would receive a much shorter sentence than he did. So, in 2006 Anthony pled guilty to …

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