Lamar Johnson

“I want to thank God, my mom, and the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project.” —Lamar Johnson, upon being released after 13 years in prison.

Lamar Johnson was convicted in 2004 of shooting a man several times in broad daylight. No physical evidence connected him to the incident and he had no motive to commit the crime. He became a suspect only when an informant identified the shooter by nickname.

In its review, the state’s attorney’s office concluded that eyewitness testimony during the trial was flawed and that the two witnesses who identified Johnson as the gunman had said that he merely “looked similar” to the shooter. Another witness testified that another person — not Johnson — had fought with the victim minutes before his death.

Having secured his GED while in prison, Johnson said he hoped one day to own his own business. He also told others who believe they are wrongfully convicted to write to the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, or their local innocence organization for help.

“I finally got justice.”

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